Seax One Designed

  In 2005 I designed & built the 26ft Four oared Gig "Dauntless" for Lower Thames RC, followed a year later by a second Gig "Proud Mary"
As founder Chairman of the Club I was mindful that future boats would be needed as the club grew.
I did a lot of research into the traditional fixed seat rowing world & advice was taken from many sources.
In today's climate of economic austerity funding for clubs is drying up & large expensive boats are a luxury few can afford.
Wooden boats though traditionally attractive are simply too expensive to entertain for a newly established club.

The summary of this research was that a Four oared Gig offered the best compromise between cost & bums on seats, it had to be GRP for lower maintenance & ease of repair & value for money.

Over a year ago I started on the Design of a new Gig, using Delftship professional software. A Series of 5 designs were produced, the best of these the Seax Mk 4 has just been subjected to detailed resistance analysis using Michlet/Godzilla software and proved to be at optimum performance for the design parameters. This has resulted in the Seax One Design, she has been purposely designed as an Ideal one design Rowing Gig for the East Coast. Contact me for further details.